V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 3

March 2020

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How will the Coronavirus impact the Real Estate Market?

A Whole New World

The impacts of the Coronavirus from strictly a social perspective have been nothing short of amazing over the past 10 days. Our world has changed dramatically. We have seen schools closed, businesses closed and professional sports leagues shut-down.

The impact to the real estate market, specifically to V2 Properties has been minimal. We continue to put houses under contract, the number of showings for our houses has been consistently good over the past several months and has not dropped over the past two weeks. We expect the spring real estate market to be very good and we are confident we can continue to build on an already strong start to 2020!

We are consistently obtaining feedback from our Realtors who insist housing inventories remain low and buyer demand is high. These two factors combined with historically low interest rates lead us to believe the Spring market will be very successful for V2 Properties, as well as the entire real estate market. We are well positioned to meet the demands of new home buyers as we expect to have 17 new houses hit the market over the next 45 days.

There will be some impacts to the construction industry in the coming months as we expect there will be some impacts to the homebuilder supply lines, roughly one third of the home building inputs come from China which has been hit hard by the virus. At some point we could see supplies of bathtubs, sinks and appliances get tighter as China struggles to control the spread of the various.

We are sure to face challenges in the coming weeks, but we are extremely confident we can get the job done!

Be safe.

Vince Viney, Founder & President

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