V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 4

April 2020

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We will Prevail & Overcome Together

As I prepared to write this opening I came across a quote from none other than Albert Einstein which I thought was the appropriate way to open up the newsletter:

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

There has never been, in my lifetime anyway, a more difficult time to navigate the challenges of everyday life. Who would have ever thought it would require thought as to which way you can walk down an isle in a grocery store or even standing single file at least six feet apart as you go through the checkout line.

For the past month V2 Properties have made the best out of a bad situation. While we are not actively building houses at the moment we are taking this time to make process improvements, reevaluate our technology strategy, & expand our subcontractor capacity. We are taking this time to position ourselves so that as soon as we can get back to building and selling houses we are in the best position possible. We are the leader in the markets where we build. We are confident that we will maneuver our way out of these extremely challenging times. We are committed to protecting your hard earned investments in the same manner as we always have and need you to have faith in us now more than ever. I will not let you down.

The additional time over the past thirty days has also given us the opportunity to talk to some of our investors as well as lending partners to reassure them we are in a great position to hit the ground running as soon as the doors to the economy swing open again.

We are still selling houses, since March 9th we have put five houses under contract and leased one of our rental units. In addition, we are scheduled to settle on seven more properties by the end of April.

Please note: These comments focus on the difficulty of running a business during these challenging times. We realize that NOTHING can compare to the difficulties facing our health care providers and those patients battling this horrible virus.

Vince Viney, Founder & President

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