V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 7

July 2020

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Looking Forward to the 3rd & 4th Quarters—2020

Much more to accomplish in 2020

It’s hard to believe we are already into the second half of 2020. I think just about everyone would agree the first half of 2020 is one we are happy to put behind us, with that being stated we are looking forward to a challenging and very productive 2nd half of 2020.

We are already off to a good start, over the past 30 days we put another eleven houses under contract and leased out three of our rental units. We are getting close to putting a few more houses under contract as well.

The real estate market continues it’s strong recovery since the shutdown ended. As everyone knows, interest rates remain at an all time low and housing inventories remain very low as well. There are definitely a lot of people looking for new homes and we are in a great position to capitalize on the demand for housing in the second half of the year.

While we are excited about the opportunities in front of us, we know there will be challenges ahead. We are all still dealing with the daily impacts of the COVID crisis and how that will impact us as a society in the coming months.

There are also changes coming to the Philadelphia tax abatement process which are still scheduled to be implemented in January 2021. We are working hard to get as many building permits approved by the city in 2020 as possible which will allow our future home buyers to take advantage of the full current tax abatement structure.

Vince Viney, Founder and President

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