V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 11, Issue 2

February 2021

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New Additions to the V2 Team

This is going to be a another big year for V2 Properties and to help us meet the inevitable list of challenges we will face, we continue to grow the V2 Properties team, both from a personal and equipment perspective.

We recently purchased a brand new dump truck and van (pictured above). These two new additions to the V2 Properties fleet of vehicles are real game changers! We have also hired two new full-time employees to use the dump truck to keep our building sites clean and debris free. In addition to keeping our construction sites clean and easier to work on it helps to keep the neighbors happy as they don’t have to deal with construction materials in their neighborhoods.

The van is also a new addition to the fleet and is great for transporting home supplies to our properties all across the city. It’s much easier to load materials into the van rather than our signature SMART cars!

We have also added 10 new full-time employees to the team since the 1st of the year. We have hired a variety of positions including a new Construction Manager, four carpenters, two assistant Construction Managers and as previously mentioned two new people of man the dump truck. We are in great position to dominate the Philadelphia market—yet again!

Vince Viney, Founder & President


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