V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 11, Issue 4

April 2021

Exponential Insights

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Market Domination, We have the resources in place

Philadelphia and Ocean City, NJ

Since the end of April, 2020 the V2 Properties team has grown significantly . We have grown from 13 employees last year to 39 employees today. The new additions only strengthen an already strong team which has risen to become the top single family home builder in Philadelphia. No question about it! We will be putting our additional resources to good use in the coming years. In addition to our already significant presence in Philadelphia we have increased the number of properties we are developing in Ocean City, NJ. Our goal, and it is already starting to happen is to dominate the Ocean City, NJ market as we have the Philadelphia market for the past nine years. At this point we have 11 properties that are either underway now or will be underway in the next 45 days in Ocean City, NJ.

Important Update

A very important piece of our growth has been adding eight members of the RockHaven Builders teams to V2 Properties. While the tragic passing of Dave Henry last month facilitated this change we are excited to welcome the RockHaven team to V2 effective April 12, 2021. We value the talent and ideas of everyone on the RockHaven team and we believe their skills, experience and creativity will have a real impact to V2 Properties. Please join us in welcoming them to our team!

Vince Viney, President & Founder

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