V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 11, Issue 6

June 2021

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Heading to the Jersey Shore!

Ocean City here we Come!

While there will be 1,000’s of families loading up their vehicles in the coming weeks with suitcases, bikes and a pile of beach gear, the V2 Properties family will be loading up our trucks with Architect plans, electrical wiring, lumber and an endless list of other supplies for a full scale takeover of Ocean City, NJ.

We (V2 Properties) have been building homes 2-3 homes a year in Ocean City, NJ for almost a decade now. That is about to change in a big way. The process has actually already started, it is our intention to become the largest residential builder in Ocean City, New Jersey. While it took us a couple of years to take the title of largest residential builder in Philadelphia, that will not be the case in Ocean City. We are claiming that title—effective immediately!

The past few months have been busy, we have been establishing relationships with the top real estate brokers in Ocean City. We have also been meeting with the local lenders, subcontractors and suppliers to make them aware of our intentions and we have been received with nothing but overwhelming support from everyone. The superior brand name that we have built in Philadelphia is already well known in Ocean City.

We will be building some single family homes as well as duplexes and some three unit buildings with first floor commercial units. There are currently 12 projects underway (most of which are already pre-sold) and 8 more will start after Labor Day - there is a moratorium on demo work in Ocean City between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We are already working on all of the paperwork for the post-Labor Day demo / construction.

Father’s Day and the 4th of July

It’s an exciting time as we get back to ‘normal’ and we can all get together with family and friends. Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads and wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July holiday!

Vince Viney, President & Founder

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