V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 11, Issue 12

December 2021

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As everyone is aware of by now, the 8th annual V2 Properties ‘Say Thanks’ celebration which was originally scheduled for December 8th had to be rescheduled for January 8, 2022 due to an outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases within the V2 Properties team. The bad news is the event had to be rescheduled, the really good news is everyone on the V2 team is doing well and no longer showing any symptoms, in addition, recent test results for those impacted are now showing negative test results for COVID.

The ‘Say Thanks’ Party will start at 6:00pm on Saturday January 8th and will be held at the Viney residence at 144 Buckwalter Road in Royersford. It will be a great night, a night to relax and spend time with friends after the busy two weeks over the holidays.

The night will also feature a presentation sharing our 2021 results as well as a look forward to our goals for 2022. We have good news to share, considering the many challenges we needed to overcome this past year we exceeded expectations on just about all of our key metrics. There is also exciting news to share about 2022, we look forward to the new year which is full of exciting opportunities for V2 Properties.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends, we look forward to seeing everyone on the 8th!

Vince Viney, Founder & CEO

Happy Holidays

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