V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 12, Issue 3

March 2022

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March Madness is upon us!!!

When most people think of March Madness they think of the NCAA Basketball tournament. At V2 Properties, we are filling out our brackets now as well, but our brackets don’t include college team names, they include addresses of beautiful homes available to potential buyers.

Bring on the spring real estate selling season! We are ready to go, we have an amazing number of properties on the market now and we will have many more in the coming weeks. All of our work over the winter months has now put us in a position to have a variety of options for buyers in Philadelphia, Ocean City and Margate, New Jersey.

Our inventory of finished houses continues to grow while our competition continues to struggle to get houses to market. Our market analysis, as well as perspective from our realtors, who are the best in the business, indicates housing inventories are very low across the region and this puts V2 Properties in an outstanding position win the spring selling tournament!

The NCAA basketball tournament starts in a couple of days. Good Luck to everyone picking teams and participating in a tournament bracket challenge!

Vince Viney, Founder & President

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