V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 12, Issue 7

July 2022

Exponential Insights

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Halfway through another successful year!

Half of this year is already behind us! We have accomplished so much in six months and it seems like things are just heating up.

It’s no secret the housing market has changed and material/labor prices have increased. V2 Properties is no exception to these challenges, but like always, we've adapted and faced them head on. Nearly all our New Jersey projects sell before they finish construction, and our Philadelphia homes and rentals continue to stay steady and profitable. As the market changes, the way we are doing business is changing, too. We are getting smarter, creating different tools to help us plan better, branching out into markets quicker, and closely calculating risks so we continue to deliver on our investments and create beautifully built homes. It’s exciting to see the progress we’ve made so far as a company, and we look forward what the rest of the year has to bring!

Mid-Year Recap!

V2 Properties is off to a good start as we enter the second half of the year. Our move into New Jersey is taking off, and our rental portfolio continues to grow as we are finishing up with more than 10 buildings in the final construction stages in Philly. Let’s look at what we’ve accomplished so far!


New Jersey Fun Fact

Margate, New Jersey is home to the six-story architectural creation, Lucy the Elephant! Lucy was designed by James V. Lafferty, a real estate developer, and built by a Philadelphia contractor, in July of 1881. This year she celebrates her 141st birthday on the 20th! Lucy is 12th tallest statue in the United States and its oldest roadside attraction. She even made a television debut, appearing in National Lampoon Vacation during the opening credits!

Now Lucy is mostly a tourist attraction, but back in the late 1800s, she was designed as a gimmick to promote real estate sales. Lafferty would bring potential customers to view his land from atop of the elephant’s carriage. With views of Margate, Atlantic City’s skyline, and the beautiful beaches, Lucy the Elephant was the perfect asset to showcase the seashore town. Check out the article below!


Thanks for reading Exponential Insights

New V2 Properties Employee! We would like to give a warm welcome our new laborer Gordy Tate, he has joined the Team Hustle truck. We are very excited to have him as a part of our team!

Don’t forget to check out our featured property this month. This is the first time we are featuring one of our Ocean City projects! The home at 401 30th Street, is a beautiful project and the progress made so far is worth sharing!

On behalf of everyone here at V2 Properties, we wish you all a happy and safe rest of your summer and look forward to sharing our progress with you next month!

Vince Viney, Founder & President

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