V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 12, Issue 9

September 2022

Exponential Insights

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It’s that time of year again….

Football time! The Eagles started off football season with an exciting win and so did we! In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had four Philadelphia homes and two Ocean City homes go under contract, all of which are expected to sell before the end of this year. A fantastic way to start off the season!

Construction Update

So far this month we have finished a total of six single-family homes, three of which are under contract, and a three-unit rental building that is currently on the market and ready for renters! We have four multi-family homes (a total of 11 units) and four single-family homes that are nearing the end of construction and will hopefully be ready to hit the market or settle by the end of the month! All our construction managers are working vigorously to complete all our projects so we can continue to expand our portfolio in New Jersey.

We have also made significant progress out in Ocean City with seven of our projects moved into the final phase of construction. Which means it won't be long before they are ready to hit the market, if they haven't already!

Finished Houses

Lights! Camera! Action!

We are getting ready for our close-up! The award-winning TV show Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid will be featuring a segment on V2 Properties! We are so excited to be apart of such an amazing opportunity.

Viewpoint and host, actor Dennis Quaid, make it their mission to deliver exciting, short documentaries, highlighting broad topics and issues that impact individuals around the world. Through innovative content and creativity, they encapsulate the importance of each business, culture, product, and story being shared.

We are currently working with the Viewpoint team to finish up writing the script and collecting photos to showcase our portfolio out in Ocean City. Through their creative content and exposure, we hope to share our experience building houses and to convey the standard of work people have come to expect from V2 Properties. This is an awesome way to bring awareness to our company and to show viewers what we are all about!

The show will air approximately two months after being filmed. We start shooting on the October 7th in Ocean City and we will be sure to keep you updated on when and where the episode will premiere.

Stay tuned!

Employee Spotlight

Thanks for reading Exponential Insights

New V2 Properties Employee! We would like to give a warm welcome our new laborer Dariel Perez. He has joined the Team Hustle truck. We are very excited to have him as a part of our team!

Don’t forget to check out our featured property this month. 166 E. Atlantic is a showstopper, with one on of the greatest views on the island. You can see the entire Atlantic City skyline and a priceless panoramic view of Ocean City!

Thank you for taking the time to read Exponential Insights! We’ll see you next month!

Vince Viney, Founder & President

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