V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 13, Issue 8

August 2023

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Is it August already?????

Although Labor Day is right around the corner and families are starting to prepare for cooler days and the start of a new school year, things are heating up around here at V2 Properties. Our Jersey market is bringing us EIGHT sales in the next 30 days, producing $13,617,400 in gross revenue resulting in $354,343 of INVESTOR profit. WOW!!! Can't wait to see what September brings us!

We are excited about two recent properties in Philadelphia that are listed and ready for lucky buyers to snatch up. 1631 Cadwallader Street and 1633 Cadwallader Street have a unique amenity that is very desirable in the City of Philadelphia .... off street parking in their very own attached garage!!! You can read in one of our press items an article talking about the issues with parking in the city. The off street parking isn't the only desirable amenity, the 10 year tax abatement, upgraded kitchen, tons of natural lighting and rooftop deck are just a few more.

I came across a quote which resonates with me as we wrap up our final projects in Philadelphia:

Every day is a new day, a new challenge, a new adventure, a new opportunity. To deal with highs and lows, ups and downs of entrepreneurship, to keep your fire ignited and keep your passion going you need motivation

My family of investors have certainly been a driving force in motivating me to keep facing challenges and seeking new adventures. Thank you to my investors who have been patience as we close in on the final projects in Philadelphia. The majority of the remaining projects have had their share of challenges but we have plans in place to conquer (if we haven't already) these challenges and are ready to say goodbye to the Philadelphia Market from a construction standpoint. Although, V2 Properties presence will remain strong in the city through our rental portfolio, we are ready and eager to have our Philadelphia construction managers join in on our newest adventure at the Jersey Shore!!! Myself and my team are motivated and geared up to continue to take over the Jersey Shore market just like with did in Philadelphia!

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