V2 Properties Newsletter Volume 13, Issue 10

October 2023

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All work and only some play!

We have the pleasure of working with 84 Lumber as one of our suppliers and our sales rep Mitch, or Mitch the Man as he is referred as around the office, for the last few years and they are amazing! Him and 84 Lumber work closely with our team managing materials, and making sure our deliveries go out correctly and in a timely manner. As our company continues to evolve and make processes better, 84 Lumber is there working with us in anyway they can to do the same.

Last month they graciously invited us to their golf outing where several of our employees got the chance to spend the day golfing, enjoying a meal, and even WINNING a few prizes - even if they came in last place. But when you work with 84 Lumber, you are always treated like a winner! We are grateful for their generosity and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them as well as the friendships made!

Stay tuned for the broadcast details and join us in celebrating this milestone on the journey towards the American Dream! 🏡📺 #V2Properties #RealEstateSuccess #AmericaDreamTVShow #EricRobertsHosts

Property Management

We share a lot about the current projects and homes under contract, but our company is so much more than just building and selling houses. Managing our rental properties is a big part of our day to day and it’s so much more than maintaining relationships and making sure each unit is renter ready. Our team is responsible for making sure we have all our ducks in a row. That means selecting the appropriate tenants, working with realtors, marketing each unit, managing money and utility bills, keeping track of tenant paperwork, and tirelessly making sure we are in compliance with Philadelphia’s landlord laws. Sometimes it feels like everyday we are dealing with something new, but our team in the office and the field treat each task with the utmost importance. They do a phenomenal job making sure our rentals our run smoothly AND truly care about each one of our tenants. Without them it would be impossible!!

Thank you for reading Exponential Insights

Don’t forget to check out our featured project this month, 10 N. Rumson in Margate City, New Jersey! This project is a gorgeous 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom home with breath-taking interior features, upgraded appliances, and stunning views from the many decks!

We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween! We are looking for forward to sharing our progress with all of you next month. Thank you for taking the time to read Exponential Insights!

Vince Viney, Founder & President

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